Ladder Racks

Ladder Rack for Ute Tray

Bocar’s Ladder Racks (Rear Rack, Rear Roll Bar) as with all our ute accessories have been designed not only to be strong and practical, but to also blend in with the shape and design of most light commercial vehicles and utes.

Our rear ladder racks are easy to install and they are removable type which makes them simple to remove from the ute tray for safe storage when you have no use for the ladder racks. The sockets which hold the ladder rack are fitted under the tray so that there is no projections on the tray floor if the rack tube is removed.

Our ladder racks are built from 76mm alloy tubing and fine ground to satin finish. We shape our ladder racks to the shape of the headboard. The ladder racks also are fitted with load holding collapsible flippers.

If you require custom made ladder racks then we also can design and and build extra heavy duty galvanised steel racks to your specifications.